Edusoft School Management Software

ERP Software for Schools to manage Student records, Fees Collection, Transportation Mgt., Financial Accounting, Examination With CCE Grading System, Library Management, Birthday Reminders & More

Download EduSoft School Management Software Demo

Download LAZAWEB Support Files

How to Install

1. Download Both Setups file (EduSoft_Setup.exe and Lazaweb_Support.exe)
2. Install Both Setups on your PC one-by-one
3. While installing EduSoft setup, choose the directory where you want to install. By default its D:\EduSoft\
4. Then run the EduSoft from your desktop.
5. Set Database Path to your install EduSoft directory.

Main Attractions

Maintain record of Admission, Fees Transactions and Route Wise Transport Charges

Design Your own Fees Structure

Retain Privacy under high security user rights

Wish Birthday to Student as well as parents for better relationships

Complete Library Management system

Quick Receipt - Simple to manage Financial Accounting with Ledger, Statement, Interest, Daily Balance and nutshell report of any account very Fast

Software is especially designed for C.C.E. Grading system as per C.B.S.E guidelines.

Saves teachers time and workload by 90%

Uniformity in maintaining records.

No need to calculate anything manually e.g. percentile, FA1+FA2+SA1 etc.

Informative & Analytical MIS Reports

Covers Student Evaluation, Summative Assessment & Formative Assessment

No Need to write indicators for each student again and again

Save your valuable time and very easy To Implement.

Increase your profitability and efficiency