TurboTech - Rent-O-Service Software

Software for Rent-O-Services (i.e. Tent & Decorators, Catering and Shuttering / Scaffolding stores) to make accurate rental bills, manage Stock; Control Leakage, integrated with Financial Accounting. In TurboTech 6.0 - Rent-O-Service software, The businessman provides items to its customers on rental basis. Items are issued and received at different time intervals. At the end of activity / month a bill is to be dispatched to every customer. In manual working Bill generation is a very much time consuming and tedious process. Apart from this rent settings are different for different customers. Items are to be maintained in different sizes. Items are purchased, hired, sold, unhired, produced, consumed in different sizes. Stock is maintained item wise and size wise.
There is a very huge need for special software that can manage their stock, make accurate rental bills integrated with financial accounts up to balance sheet. The perfect solution for this trade is “TurboTech 6.0”.

Download TurboTech - Rent-O-Service Software Demo

Download LAZAWEB Support Files

How to Install

1. Download Both Setups file (TurboTech6_setup.exe and Lazaweb_Support.exe)
2. Install Both Setups on your PC one-by-one
3. While installing TurboTech setup, choose the directory where you want to install. By default its C:\TurboTech 6.0\
4. Then run the TurboTech 6.0 from your desktop.
5. Set Database Path to your install TurboTech 6.0 directory.

Main Attractions


User have to enter just only Items Issued and Items Received Transactions, thereafter all the reports will be generated automatically

Automatic Party's Bill Generation

Maintains Party's Details / Statements

Stock reports Item Wise and Size Wise.

Maintains hire / unhire details.

Maintains Purchase / Sale of items.

If items are received from customer in excess qty. it maintains its stock differently.

Size Conversion.

Maintains Items Received, Items Issued Registers

Integrated With Financial Accounts

Payment/Receipt/Journal/Contra/Debit Note/Credit Note Vouchers

Ledgers, Cash/Bank Books, Day Book.

Trial Balance (Opening, Closing, Consolidated)

Outstanding Analysis (Alphabetically & Group Wise)

Party Wise / Item Wise / Size wise pendency Report

Drill Down From Any Report to Entry Level

Multi Company

Export Any Report into any Format e.g. PDF, HTML, Excel, Word,

Email Any Report In Any Format

Password protected

Powerful Reporting

Fully Menu Driven + Shortcut keys

Fully Automatic

No Hidden Cost, No Annual Fees.